Demos by PIRA

5D10 Resistance Characteristics

  5D10.40Resistor analog: Marbles cascading down pin board.

5D20 Resistivity and Temperature

  5D20.15Resistance thermometer: Iron coil in liquid Nitrogen and flame varies current.
  5D20.30Effect of temperature on current in carbon or tungsten filaments.

5D30 Conduction in Solutions

5D40 Conduction in Gases

  5D40.10Same as above: Secondary used for small Jacob's ladder.
  5D40.10Large Jacob's ladder.
  5D40.25Copper nail and iron nail in a lemon using a multimeter.
  5D40.42Edison effect: Electrons are cast off from hot filament.
  5D40.80X-rays ionize electrode and discharge electroscope.