Demos by PIRA

4C10 PVT Surfaces

  4C10.10P.V.T. surface model for water.
  4C10.10P.V.T. surface model for carbon dioxide.
  4C10.30Wall chart of isothermals.

4C20 Phase Changes: Liquid-Solid

  4C20.20Ice bomb: Iron sphere ruptured by freezing water.
  4C20.40Freezing liquid Nitrogen.
  4C20.45CO2 fire extinguisher: Expanding gas freezes into snow.
  4C20.53Computer demo: Heat of fusion of tin.

4C30 Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas

  4C30.15Triple Point demo: Water boils under vacuum making ice.
  4C30.25Hot water geyser, runs 5-10 min.

4C31 Cooling by Evaporation

  4C31.40Dippy bird: Large glass bird containing ether oscillates.

4C32 Dew Point and Humidity

  4C32.11Humidity: Hygrometers to show.

4C33 Vapor Pressure

4C40 Sublimation

  4C33.50Franklin's pulse glass: Two glass bulbs and tube containing ether.

4C45 Phase Changes: Solid Solid

4C50 Critical Point

  4C50.40Triple Point: Cooled water in sealed cell exhibits all three phases.