Demos by PIRA

1D10 Displacement in Two Dimensions

  1D10.20Cycloid disk draws path on chalkboard.

1D15 Velocity, Position, and Acceleration

  1D15.20Equal path lengths ball race.
  1D15.55Brachistochrone: Three balls falling along different trajectories.

1D40 Motion of the Center of Mass

1D50 Central Forces

  1D50.10A ball swung on a string held by a sleeve.
  1D50.25Conical pendulum: Similar to A+0+35 with standard weights.
  1D50.40Swing water in a bucket.
  1D50.70Rotating loop of chain rolls across bench.

1D52 Deformation by Central Forces

  1D52.10Flattening of the earth: Rotating brass hoops.
  1D52.35Mercury and colored water in a rotating glass vessel.
  1D52.40Candles rotating about an axis.

1D55 Centrifugal Escape

1D60 Projectile Motion

  1D60.10Ballistics car: Ball ejected from rolling car drops back in.
  1D60.20Dropped and shot balls hit bench simultaneously.
  1D60.30Monkey and the hunter.
  1D60.65Water projector: Adjustable angle water jet in front of grid.