Demos by PIRA

1A Measurement

1A50 Math Topics

1A60 Scaling

1C Motion In One Dimension

1C10 Velocity

  1C10.21Electric winch tows car at constant speed.
  1C10.27Airtrack: Glider passes "start" and "stop" gates on digital timer.

1C20 Uniform Acceleration

  1C20.10"Coin and Feather" fall in an evacuated rotatable tube.
  1C20.30Inclined airtrack with gliders and timing gates.
  1C20.31Acceleration of a steel ball down an inclined plane with metronome.

1C30 Measuring G

  1C30.10Timed free fall: Ball drops 2 meters through electronic timing gate.

1D Motion In Two Dimensions

1D10 Displacement in Two Dimensions

  1D10.20Cycloid disk draws path on chalkboard.

1D15 Velocity, Position, and Acceleration

  1D15.20Equal path lengths ball race.
  1D15.55Brachistochrone: Three balls falling along different trajectories.

1D40 Motion of the Center of Mass

1D50 Central Forces

  1D50.10A ball swung on a string held by a sleeve.
  1D50.25Conical pendulum: Similar to A+0+35 with standard weights.
  1D50.40Swing water in a bucket.
  1D50.70Rotating loop of chain rolls across bench.

1D52 Deformation by Central Forces

  1D52.10Flattening of the earth: Rotating brass hoops.
  1D52.35Mercury and colored water in a rotating glass vessel.
  1D52.40Candles rotating about an axis.

1D55 Centrifugal Escape

1D60 Projectile Motion

  1D60.10Ballistics car: Ball ejected from rolling car drops back in.
  1D60.20Dropped and shot balls hit bench simultaneously.
  1D60.30Monkey and the hunter.
  1D60.65Water projector: Adjustable angle water jet in front of grid.

1E Relative Motion

1E10 Moving Reference Frames

1E20 Rotating Reference Frames

1E30 Coriolis Effect

1F Newton's First Law

1F10 Measuring Inertia

1F20 Inertia of Rest

  1F20.10Breaking thread above and below weight.
  1F20.25Bed of nails
  1F20.30Tablecloth yanked out from under dishes.
  1F20.34Card snapped from under a weight by a leaf spring.

1F30 Inertia of Motion

1G Newton's Second Law

1G10 Force, Mass, and Acceleration

  1G10.10A falling weight accelerates a car horizontally.
  1G10.40Atwood machine: Unbalanced weights on a pulley accelerate slowly.

1G20 Accelerated Reference Frames

  1G20.60Film loop: "Inertial forces:Translational acceleration", 2:05 min.
  1G20.76Cork float accelerometer: Cork and water in sealed flask.

1G30 Complex Systems

1H Newton's Third Law

1H10 Action and Reaction

  1H10.10Two people in rolling chairs pushing and pulling

1H11 Recoil

1J Statics Of Rigid Bodies

1J10 Finding Center of Gravity

  1J10.09Rotation about the center of mass: Object to throw.
  1J10.12Irregular shapes to determine center of mass using plumb bob.
  1J10.26Center of mass of a baseball bat

1J11 Exceeding Center of Gravity

1J20 Stable, Unstable and Neutral Equilibrium

1J30 Resolution of Forces

  1J30.10Car hangs balanced by forces in mid-air over removable inclined plane.
  1J30.51Force table: Forces on a car on an adjustable inclined plane.
  1J30.53Force table: Forces on a car on a horizontal table.

1J40 Static Torque

  1J40.15Torque wrench to demonstrate.
  1J40.20A meterstick lever on a free-standing fulcrum with weights.
  1J40.25Precision lever: Balance beam on stand plus weight set.
  1J40.70Forces on crane boom measured with transducer.
  1J40.75Anatomical models: Skull, Arm, Leg

1K Applications Of Newton's Laws

1K10 Dynamic Torque

  1K10.30Static equilibrium for a rope on a spool. Same as A+55+5.
  1K10.30Rolling spool: String on spool is pulled at various angles.
  1K10.50Disk (weighted off-center) rolls up inclined plane.

1K20 Friction

  1K20.15Weighted wood block dragged horizontally by force sensor.
  1K20.35Blocks, with various surfaces slide on an inclined plane.

1K30 Pressure

1L Gravity

1L10 Universal Gravitational Constant

  1L10.10Film loop: "The Cavendish experiment", 4:25 min.
  1L10.30The Cavendish experiment: Model and actual apparatus to show.

1L20 Orbits

1M Work And Energy

1M10 Work

1M20 Simple Machines

  1M20.11Pulley sets.
  1M20.20Block and tackle: Bosun's chair.

1M30 Non-Conservative Forces

1M40 Conservation of Energy

  1M40.95The Trebuchet
  1M40.10Bowling ball pendulum swings back to nose.
  1M40.20Loop the loop: Sphere, hoop, disk rolled down a looped track.
  1M40.40Ballistic pendulum: Suspended .22 rifle fires into suspended block.
  1M40.40.22 rifle fires vertically, bullet lifts small wood cylinder.
  1M40.41Inelastic collisions: Another ballistic pendulum.
  1M40.50Maxwell's wheel: Flywheel with axle, supported on strings or stand.

1M50 Mechanical Power

1N Linear Momentum And Collisions

1N10 Impulse and Thrust

  1N10.55Waveguide pieces to show.

1N20 Conservation of Linear Momentum

  1N20.25Airtrack: Long track with two gliders coupled by a spring hoop.
  1N20.30Balls of equal and unequal mass on strings, separated by a leaf spring.

1N21 Mass and Momentum Transfer

1N22 Rockets

  1N22.20Rocket is filled with water and compressed air and launched vertically.
  1N22.30Carbon dioxide propelled rocket flies across room on wire.
  1N22.33Carbon dioxide propelled rotational device.

1N30 Collisions in One Dimension

  1N30.10Elastic collisions: Five hanging balls and two unequal hanging balls.
  1N30.15Elastic collisions: Seven steel balls roll on a wooden track.
  1N30.30Three meter airtrack with gliders that rebound elastically, or stick.

1N40 Collisions in Two Dimensions

  1N40.10Executive size pool table
  1N40.21Plastic pucks on air table.

1Q Rotational Dynamics

1Q10 Moment of Inertia

  1Q10.20Large torsion pendulum with different diameter rods.
  1Q10.40Two disks, one weighted in center and other on rim, roll down ramp.

1Q20 Rotational Energy

1Q30 Transfer of Angular Momentum

  1Q30.25Rotational inertia device: Sliding weights on rotating rod.

1Q40 Conservation of Angular Momentum

  1Q40.10Rotating chair with dumbbells or weighted bicycle wheel.
  1Q40.11Minor's apparatus: Movable discs rotated by falling weight.
  1Q40.23Mechanical governor device.
  1Q40.40Train on circular track moves one way and track moves the other.

1Q50 Gyros

  1Q50.40Large gyroscope in a suitcase.
  1Q50.54Sire's Polytrope.
  1Q50.90Maxwell's top, has adjustable center of gravity.

1Q60 Rotational Stability

  1Q60.15Large conical aluminum top.
  1Q60.50Chain lariat with hand drill or electric rotator.

1R Properties Of Matter

1R10 Hooke's Law

  1R10.10Standard pan balance with assorted weights.
  1R10.10Weight on a vertical spring with markers on stand.

1R20 Tensile and Compressive Stress

  1R20.15Young's modulus of elasticity: Weight stretches wire.
  1R20.70Prince Rupert's Drops.

1R30 Shear Stress

  1R30.20Shear: Foam block.

1R40 Coefficient of Restitution

  1R40.10Elasticity: Balls bouncing on steel or glass cylinder.

1R50 Crystal Structure

  1R50.20Wave surfaces of crystals.
  1R50.30Assorted crystals to show.