Demos by PIRA

7D10 Radioactivity

  7D10.10Geiger counter.
  7D10.40Mechanical model of radioactive decay.

7D20 Nuclear Reactions

  7D20.10Mousetrap chain reaction experiment.

7D30 Particle Detectors

  7D30.11Scintillation counter using Geiger tube.
  7D30.50Expansion cloud chamber with water and compression bulb.
  7D30.50Wilson cloud chamber, piston compression type.
  7D30.50Alpha range measured using small cloud chamber.
  7D30.60Cloud chamber with dry ice and alcohol shown on TV camera.
  7D30.70Large mechanical model of the cyclotron.

7D40 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

7D50 Models of the Nucleus

  7D50.10Rutherford scattering model: Steel balls, launcher, and "hill".
  7D50.30"Plum pudding": Corks with magnets float in bowl/solenoid on OHP.