Demos by PIRA

6A01 Speed of Light

6A02 Straight Line Propagation

6A10 Reflection From Flat Surfaces

  6A10.10Blackboard optics: Light sources with plane and curved mirrors.
  6A10.10Blackboard optics: Light sources with lucite lenses.
  6A10.11Arc lamp and mirror on large disk rotate showing beam angles.
  6A10.18Reflection of microwaves off an aluminum plate.
  6A10.40Variable angle mirror assembly with candle.
  6A10.45Barbershop mirrors:Parallel mirrors with light bulb.
  6A10.60Phantom lightbulb: Image in a plane mirror.

6A20 Reflection from Curved Surfaces

  6A20.30Phantom bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  6A20.30Phantom Bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  6A20.35Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  6A20.35Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  6A20.40Reflections from concave and convex mirrors with lighted arrow.
  6A20.60Concave mirrors focus candle flame on thermopile across bench. (same as 650)
  6A20.60Light the Match (same as C+65+2).

6A40 Refractive Index

  6A40.40Variable index of refraction: laser beam bends in water tank with sugar.

6A42 Refraction at Flat Surfaces

  6A42.10Blackboard optics: Light source and lucite prism.

6A44 Total Internal Reflection

  6A44.20Total internal reflection/critical angle: Nakamura water tank.
  6A44.40Light pipes and fiber optic flashlight.
  6A44.40Flexible light pipe using arc lamp.
  6A44.45Water fiber optic
  6A44.68Total internal reflection: 45 deg-45 deg-90 deg prism using arc lamp.

6A46 Rainbow

  6A46.10Rainbow: Refraction of white light by a liquid sphere.

6A60 Thin Lens

  6A60.31Real images: Lighted arrow image and various lenses.

6A61 Pinhole

  6A61.20Image formed by a pinhole using three light bulbs in a box.

6A65 Thick Lens

  6A65.20Large lens shows chromatic aberration on screen using arc lamp.
  6A65.30Pincushion and barrel distortion of lenses using arc lamp.
  6A65.70Fresnel lenses to show.

6A70 Optical Instruments

  6A70.10Compound microscope is assembled from lenses.
  6A70.10Galilean telescope: similar to E+30+45.
  6A70.20Astronomical telescope: Using objective and eyepiece lenses.