Demos by PIRA

5A10 Producing Static Charge

  5A10.10Braun and Leaf electroscopes.
  5A10.20Electrophorous: Cat fur on teflon, acetate on lucite.
  5A10.35Separation of charge using electrical tape and an electroscope.

5A20 Coulomb's Law

  5A20.20Pith balls on thread, with positive and negative charged rods.
  5A20.22Attraction and repulsion of charged styrofoam balls.

5A22 Electrostatic Meters

5A30 Conductors and Insulators

5A40 Induced Charge

  5A40.16Charging an electroscope by induction.
  5A40.70Kelvin water drop electrostatic charge generator.

5A50 Electrostatic Machines

  5A50.10Wimshurst machine, large or small.
  5A50.30Van de Graaff generator.