Demos by PIRA

2B20 Static Pressure

  2B20.40Interconnected set of glass vases of different shapes.
  2B20.42Pascal's vases: Water in removable vases with pressure gauge.
  2B20.60Hydraulic jack with pressure gauge, breaks 2"x 2" piece of wood.

2B30 Atmospheric Pressure

  2B30.25Collapse 1 gallon metal can with vacuum pump.
  2B30.30Magdeburg's hemispheres(cast iron) evacuated, can't be separated.
  2B30.36Suction cup holds large mass suspended from heavy glass plate.
  2B30.70Vacuum Cannon

2B35 Measuring Pressure

  2B35.15Torricelli Barometer: Column of mercury in bell jar.
  2B35.40Large model of aneroid barometer.

2B40 Density and Buoyancy

  2B40.20Archimedes' principle: Cup and plug on balance beam.
  2B40.30Cartesian divers: Pressure on cap sends divers sinking.
  2B40.40The weight of air.

2B60 Siphons, Fountains, Pumps

  2B60.60Hydraulic ram water pump, working model.