Demos by PIRA

2A Surface Tension

2A10 Force of Surface Tension

  2A10.25Wire sieve boat floats on water until alcohol is added.

2A15 Minimal Surface

2A20 Capillary Action

  2A20.10Set of capillary tubes and dye on video camera.

2A30 Surface Tension Propulsion

  2A30.10Soap boat or camphor boats in one meter square pan of water.

2B Statics Of Fluids

2B20 Static Pressure

  2B20.40Interconnected set of glass vases of different shapes.
  2B20.42Pascal's vases: Water in removable vases with pressure gauge.
  2B20.60Hydraulic jack with pressure gauge, breaks 2"x 2" piece of wood.

2B30 Atmospheric Pressure

  2B30.25Collapse 1 gallon metal can with vacuum pump.
  2B30.30Magdeburg's hemispheres(cast iron) evacuated, can't be separated.
  2B30.36Suction cup holds large mass suspended from heavy glass plate.
  2B30.70Vacuum Cannon

2B35 Measuring Pressure

  2B35.15Torricelli Barometer: Column of mercury in bell jar.
  2B35.40Large model of aneroid barometer.

2B40 Density and Buoyancy

  2B40.20Archimedes' principle: Cup and plug on balance beam.
  2B40.30Cartesian divers: Pressure on cap sends divers sinking.
  2B40.40The weight of air.

2B60 Siphons, Fountains, Pumps

  2B60.60Hydraulic ram water pump, working model.


2C Dynamics Of Fluids

2C10 Flow Rate

  2C10.10Water in vertical standpipe with holes at different heights.

2C20 Forces in Moving Fluids

  2C20.10Venturi meter: Manometer tubes on tapered wind tunnel tube.
  2C20.15Glass standpipes with a constriction. Similar to C+25+10.
  2C20.20Glass aspirator: Compressed air draws colored water up glass tube.
  2C20.30Bernoulli's principle: Ball suspended in air stream.
  2C20.35Compressed air through funnel sucks in ball.
  2C20.53Two roof models, hinged, placed in wind stream.
  2C20.80Flettner rotorcar blown with fan.

2C30 Viscosity

  2C30.10Viscosity of air: One rotating disk drives another.

2C40 Turbulent and Streamline Flow

  2C40.63Video camera shows fluid flow around various objects.

2C50 Vorticies

  2C50.30A water vortex in two soda bottles joined vertically.

2C60 Non Newtonian Fluids