Demos by PIRA

1Q10 Moment of Inertia

  1Q10.20Large torsion pendulum with different diameter rods.
  1Q10.40Two disks, one weighted in center and other on rim, roll down ramp.

1Q20 Rotational Energy

1Q30 Transfer of Angular Momentum

  1Q30.25Rotational inertia device: Sliding weights on rotating rod.

1Q40 Conservation of Angular Momentum

  1Q40.10Rotating chair with dumbbells or weighted bicycle wheel.
  1Q40.11Minor's apparatus: Movable discs rotated by falling weight.
  1Q40.23Mechanical governor device.
  1Q40.40Train on circular track moves one way and track moves the other.

1Q50 Gyros

  1Q50.40Large gyroscope in a suitcase.
  1Q50.54Sire's Polytrope.
  1Q50.90Maxwell's top, has adjustable center of gravity.

1Q60 Rotational Stability

  1Q60.15Large conical aluminum top.
  1Q60.50Chain lariat with hand drill or electric rotator.