Demos by PIRA

1N10 Impulse and Thrust

  1N10.55Waveguide pieces to show.

1N20 Conservation of Linear Momentum

  1N20.25Airtrack: Long track with two gliders coupled by a spring hoop.
  1N20.30Balls of equal and unequal mass on strings, separated by a leaf spring.

1N21 Mass and Momentum Transfer

1N22 Rockets

  1N22.20Rocket is filled with water and compressed air and launched vertically.
  1N22.30Carbon dioxide propelled rocket flies across room on wire.
  1N22.33Carbon dioxide propelled rotational device.

1N30 Collisions in One Dimension

  1N30.10Elastic collisions: Five hanging balls and two unequal hanging balls.
  1N30.15Elastic collisions: Seven steel balls roll on a wooden track.
  1N30.30Three meter airtrack with gliders that rebound elastically, or stick.

1N40 Collisions in Two Dimensions

  1N40.10Executive size pool table
  1N40.21Plastic pucks on air table.