Demos by PIRA

1M10 Work

1M20 Simple Machines

  1M20.11Pulley sets.
  1M20.20Block and tackle: Bosun's chair.

1M30 Non-Conservative Forces

1M40 Conservation of Energy

  1M40.95The Trebuchet
  1M40.10Bowling ball pendulum swings back to nose.
  1M40.20Loop the loop: Sphere, hoop, disk rolled down a looped track.
  1M40.40Ballistic pendulum: Suspended .22 rifle fires into suspended block.
  1M40.40.22 rifle fires vertically, bullet lifts small wood cylinder.
  1M40.41Inelastic collisions: Another ballistic pendulum.
  1M40.50Maxwell's wheel: Flywheel with axle, supported on strings or stand.

1M50 Mechanical Power