Demos by PIRA

9A Support Systems / Facility

9A10 Blackboard Tools

9A20 Audio

9A30 Slide Projectors

  9A30.20Lantern slide projector with removable housing.

9A34 Film Projectors

9A36 Overhead Projectors

9A38 Video & Computer Projection

9A40 Photography

9A50 X-Y, Chart Recorders

9A60 Buildings

9A65 Museums

9A70 Resource Books

9A73 Unclassified Demonstrations

9A75 Philosophy

9A80 Films

  9A80.40Film: "Interference of photons", sound 13 min.
  9A80.40Film: "Photons", sound, 19 min..

9A85 Computer Programs

9B Electronic

9B10 Timers

9B15 Position and Velocity Detectors

9B17 Sources of Sound

9B60 Light Sources

9B18 Sound Detectors

9B20 Circuits/Components/Instruments

  9B20.30Photomultiplier tubes to show.

9B30 Function Generators

9B37 Oscilloscopes

9B40 Advanced Instruments

9B50 Power Supplies

9B61 Light Paths Made Visible

9B62 Lasers

9B65 Microwave Apparatus

9B90 Computer Interface

9C Mechanical

9C10 Motors

9C20 Pumps

9C25 Vacuum

9C30 Air Support

9C35 Ripple Tank

9C40 Other