Demos by PIRA

8A Planetary Astronomy

8A05 Historical Astronomy

8A10 Solar System Mechanics

  8A10.15Solar system model.

8A20 Earth Moon Mechanics

8A30 Views From Earth

8A35 Views From Earth 2

8A40 Planetary Properties: Globes, Hemispheres, & Maps

  8A40.15Vault of the heavens: Large lucite globe.

8A50 Planetary Properties 2: The Planets

8A60 Planetary Properties 3: Planetoids, Minor Objects

8A70 Planetary Properties 4: Planetary Characteristics

8A80 Planetary Properties 5: Comets And The Search For Life

8B Stellar Astronomy

8B10 The Sun

8B20 Stellar Spectra

8B30 Stellar Evolution

8B40 Black Holes

8B50 Stellar Miscellaneous

8C Cosmology

8C10 Models of The Universe

8C20 Gravitational Effects

8D Miscellaneous

8D10 Miscellaneous Astronomy

8E Astronomy Teaching Techniques

8E30 Techniques and Projects