A+0+0"Coin and Feather" fall in an evacuated rotatable tube.
  A+0+10 Atwood machine: Unbalanced weights on a pulley accelerate slowly.
  A+0+20 Acceleration of a steel ball down an inclined plane with metronome.
  A+0+57 Rotating loop of chain rolls across bench.
  A+5+0 Ball on string mounts on blackboard and pivots on lower rod.
  A+12+5 Weighted wood block dragged horizontally by force sensor.
  A+14+5 Force table: Forces on a car on a horizontal table.
  A+14+10 Force table: Forces on a car on an adjustable inclined plane.
  A+15+0 The Cavendish experiment: Model and actual apparatus to show.
  A+20+0 Card snapped from under a weight by a leaf spring.
  A+20+5 Tablecloth yanked out from under dishes.
  A+25+5 Moment of inertia: Hoop or disk rotated by falling weight.
  A+30+10 Rotational inertia device: Sliding weights on rotating rod.
  A+30+30 Gyroscopes; various.
  A+35+0 Balls of equal and unequal mass on strings, separated by a leaf spring.
  A+35+5 Elastic collisions: Seven steel balls roll on a wooden track.
  A+35+25 Plastic pucks on air table.
  A+35+35 Airtrack: Long track with two gliders coupled by a spring hoop.
  A+50+5 Water projector: Adjustable angle water jet in front of grid.
  A+50+20 Rocket is filled with water and compressed air and launched vertically.
  A+55+10 Cycloid disk draws path on chalkboard.
  A+60+25 Disk (weighted off-center) rolls up inclined plane.
  A+60+32 Center of gravity (toy) objects.
  A+60+37 Rotation about the center of mass: Object to throw.
  A+65+10 Torque wrench to demonstrate.
  A+80+40 Block and tackle: Bosun's chair.
  B+10+2 Torsion pendulum with removable weights.
  B+10+20 Large damped oscillator (mass on spring) with various damping disks.
  B+20+0 Driven harmonic oscillator: Motor driven mass on spring.
  B+20+30 Beaker is broken by sound from speaker.
  B+25+0 Transverse wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+5 Longitudinal wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+35+5 Acoustic interference with Quincke (trombone) tube and sonalert.
  B+35+10 Interference of sound waves from two speakers, same generator.
  B+35+20 Beats with tuning forks on tuned cavities.
  B+45+15 Bell ringing in a jar evacuated with pump.
  B+50+10 Rope and strobe: Transverse standing waves, motor driven.
  B+50+20 Set of eight organ pipes to make a major scale.
  C+15+0 Copper/wood cylinder wrapped with paper over bunsen burner.
  C+22+0 Engine models: Steam, 4-cycle Otto.
  C+25+40 Water in vertical standpipe with holes at different heights.
  C+30+10 Hydraulic jack with pressure gauge, breaks 2"x 2" piece of wood.
  C+30+15 Archimedes' principle: Cup and plug on balance beam.
  C+30+52 Interconnected set of glass vases of different shapes.
  C+30+65 Collapse 1 gallon metal can with vacuum pump.
  C+30+68 Vacuum Cannon
  C+55+15 Brownian motion: Smoke particles viewed using TV camera.
  C+70+55 Fire syringe: paper is ignited in a cylinder with a piston.
  C+70+60 CO2 fire extinguisher: Expanding gas freezes into snow.
  D+0+2 Various capacitors to show.
  D+5+10 85 MHz radio transmitter, with indicating lamp on dipole antenna.
  D+5+32 Plexiglas model of electromagnetic wave.
  D+10+0 Electric fields: Lines of force shown on an OHP.
  D+10+20 Van de Graaff generator.
  D+10+24 Electrostatic pinwheel:Van de Graaff makes pinwheel spin.
  D+15+0 Bar magnet induces current in a coil, shown on galvanometer.
  D+15+2 Elementary generator: Bar moved in magnetic field.
  D+15+11 Hand-cranked DC generator powers 120 volt lamp.
  D+15+20 Jumping rings: High current AC coil causes rings to jump.
  D+15+24 Levitator: Aluminum dish floats four inches off platform.
  D+20+0 Energy stored in large coil with soft iron core flashes bulb.
  D+30+6 Iron filings and permanent magnets to show field on an OHP.
  D+30+8 Compass needle shows field around a high current wire on bench top.
  D+30+10 Iron filings around a high current vertical wire on OHP to show field.
  D+30+14 Magnetic field around a solenoid with pivoting probe magnet.
  D+30+16 Ampere's law: Currents in parallel wires attract or repel.
  D+30+18 Force on a current carrying wire in a magnetic field.
  D+30+22 Torque on coil suspended between two magnets.
  D+30+26 E/M tube: Circular bending of an electron beam in a magnetic field.
  D+30+28 Hall effect: Magnetic field induces a voltage in a neon plasma.
  D+55+4 High current melts the fuse wire.
  D+55+18 Resistor analog: Marbles cascading down pin board.
  E+25+15 Laser beam through various slit and grating combinations.
  E+30+10 Blackboard optics: Light sources with lucite lenses.
  E+30+65 Model of the eye, with near/far sight lenses, using arc lamp.
  E+40+5 Blackboard optics: Light sources with plane and curved mirrors.
  E+40+10 Phantom lightbulb: Image in a plane mirror.
  E+60+5 Total internal reflection/critical angle: Nakamura water tank.
  F+10+0 Electron diffraction by aluminum and graphite on CRT.
  F+65+5 Geiger counter.