Demos by PIRA

3D20 Resonance in Strings

  3D20.10Sonometer: Resonant chamber with bowed strings (2).

3D22 Stringed Instruments

3D30 Resonance Cavities

  3D30.35Twirling Tube
  3D30.40Helmholtz Resonators with tuning forks and a candle
  3D30.40Helmholtz resonators drive radiometer vanes, using tuning forks.
  3D30.50Reuben's tube: Standing sound waves in flames along a large pipe.
  3D30.60Kundt's tube: Powder in tube shows standing waves.
  3D30.70Hoot Tube

3D32 Air Column Instruments

  3D32.10Set of eight organ pipes to make a major scale.
  3D32.25Tunable organ pipe.

3D40 Resonance in Plates, Bars, Solids

  3D40.20Longitudinal wave apparatus: Ball bounces off end of stroked rod.
  3D40.30Chladni's disc: Bowed disk forms patterns in sprinkled salt.
  3D40.31Chladni's Figures: Vibrational modes of a metal plate
  3D40.51Large glass bowl with ping pong balls and violin bow.
  3D40.55Beaker is broken by sound from speaker.

3D46 Tuning Forks

  3D46.15Tuning forks, various.
  3D46.40Giant tuning fork, barely audible, displayed with stroboscope.

3D50 Electronic Instruments