Demos by PIRA

3C10 The Ear

  3C10.10Ear models.

3C20 Pitch

  3C20.15Galton's whistle: Compressed air whistle.
  3C20.16Steel spring pendulum, inverted, vibrates at 10 Hz.
  3C20.16Limit of audibility: Set of rods that ring at different frequencies.
  3C20.30Siren: large, electric motor driven.
  3C20.30Compressed air jet blows through spinning disk with holes.
  3C20.40Savart's wheel: Toothed wheel and cardboard or air jet.
  3C20.40Sprockets on shaft rotate against a card to make sound.

3C30 Intensity and Attenuation

3C40 Architectural Acoustics

3C50 Wave Analysis and Synthesis

  3C50.10Fourier synthesis.
  3C50.12Casio electronic synthesizer with amp and speaker.

3C55 Music Perception and the Voice