Demos by PIRA

3B10 Transverse Pulses and Waves

  3B10.10Rubber rope stretched across front of room.
  3B10.10Brass spring on white plastic sheet.
  3B10.30Torsional wave device, large or small.
  3B10.30Torison wave model.
  3B10.50Transverse wave model, hand-cranked.
  3B10.70Transverse 3-dimensional wave model, hand-cranked.

3B20 Longitudinal Pulses and Waves

  3B20.10Suspended slinky on threads for compression wave.
  3B20.35Longitudinal wave model, hand-cranked.

3B22 Standing Waves

  3B22.10Rope and strobe: Transverse standing waves, motor driven.
  3B22.60Model of longitudinal standing wave, hand-cranked.

3B25 Impedence and Dispersion

3B27 Compound Waves

3B30 Wave Properties of Sound

  3B30.01Ultrasound transducers (40 kHz) as both sources and receivers.
  3B30.20Measurement of speed of sound with microphone, speaker, oscilloscope.
  3B30.30Bell ringing in a jar evacuated with pump.
  3B30.50Breathe helium, voice pitch rises; breathe SF6, voice pitch lowers.

3B33 Phase and Group Velocity

3B35 Reflection & Refraction (Sound)

3B39 Transfer of Energy in Waves

  3B39.10Mechanical water wave model, hand-cranked.

3B40 Doppler Effect

  3B40.10Sonalert swung on the end of a string.

3B45 Shock Waves

3B50 Interference and Diffraction

  3B50.10Interference in a ripple tank uses arc lamp or incandescent light.
  3B50.12Ripple tank with plane or spherical water waves and barriers.
  3B50.55Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.
  3B50.55Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.

3B55 Interference and Diffraction Of Sound

  3B55.10Interference of sound waves from two speakers, same generator.
  3B55.40Acoustic interference with Quincke (trombone) tube and sonalert.

3B60 Beats

  3B60.10Beats with tuning forks on tuned cavities.
  3B60.20Beats from two speakers observed on an oscilloscope.

3B70 Coupled Resonators

  3B70.10One tuning fork with tuned cavity, drives another.